The Creation Science Heresy
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We see in the Scriptures that there are three forms of leaven, or teaching, that can corrupt the truth, cause us to move from the doctrine of God to the traditions of men, and thereby make the Word of God of none effect. There are many such forms of this Mark 7:13, of which "Creation Science" (false knowledge, 1 Tim 6:20) is one. It has fostered a heresy, or schism, among Godís people.

Creation Science is a particularly invidious leaven, masked as orthodoxy by its proponents. It is the result of even more than a lifetime of men of ability and arrogance. It has its appeal to the popular pseudo-intellectualism that is so rampant in this century, foisted upon so many of us at the Babylonian universities of this present, evil world.

It is a curious amalgam: at its core is the leaven of the Sadducees, but it rides to prominence amongst Godís people through the leaven of Herod. The great impact of this error is that it moves Godís people from dependence on and inquiry into Godís Word to the same clerisy of dependence on and inquiry into the thoughts of mere men.

The Errors of "Creation Science"

"Creation Science" is a contradiction in terms.

"Science" - properly defined - addresses only the way things go on and NOT the way things originate. This is something well understood by those Bible students who were well schooled not only in science, but in semantics, that is, words and their meanings.

Humble and intelligent men given to the transformation of their minds by the Scriptures reject the false intellectualism of the world. They know, for instance, that proper science hypothesizes (theorizes), and tests its hypothesis empirically, that is, by what is seen. And whatever is seen is not faith.

They realized Ė as we should Ė that it is mysticism to infer an origin from a finished work.

So, what of origins? We have the Inspired Account and it alone.

1. "Creation Science" is of the leaven of the Sadducees.

Sadducees believe in neither resurrection nor spirit being Acts 23:8. So it is no wonder that, as Christianity was leavened thoroughly Matt 13:33, Christian theological descendents enthroned the worldly viewpoint heralded by this sect.

This leaven characterized those who rejected the unseen realities, especially the angelic conflict. It impacted Godís people because it made them regard only what they could see with their eyes, and shut them off from the world of faith as it pertained to the revealed realities in which they lived, and moved, and had their being.

As effective as it was against the Jews, Godís earthly people, it is even more effective against the heavenly citizens of this present time, for the angelic conflict is that with which we are to be preoccupied.

Therefore, it is no surprise that as these zealous pseudo-intellectuals press any and all to adopt their unbiblical view, entirely left out of their considerations is the ancient enmity of Satan against God, his position prior to his fall, the reason for his enmity against man, and, indeed, the angelic history itself.

Ask a "creation scientist" when Satan fell and how and when angels fit into the creation of God, and they will insist that the Bible is entirely silent in the matter. A Bible student will tell you otherwise, as outlined later when we see a true account for what the Bible teaches, not only about the six days of creation, but the angelic conflict as well.

Ephesians 6:12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places]."

The battle being waged by these "scientists" is ostensibly against those evolutionists who deny a specific creation. Yet, according to the Inspired Account, evolutionists themselves are those who deny in themselves the eternal power and Godhead of God, despite the FACT that it is clearly manifested in them by the creation itself Romans 1:20.

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