The Creation Science Heresy

There is absolutely no mandate to engage one who refuses to acknowledge what is evident to him. In fact, when one refuses evidence that he himself knows, it is the end of all rational discourse.

"Creation Scientists" would have us believe that it is this irrational discourse which constitutes the ground of Godís earthly testimony to man. And so they lead us into endless drivel about whether dinosaurs were on the ark ("Could they fit?" "Of course!"), and interest our children in vile representations of those reptilian creatures whose lifespan (and thus size) God has seen fit in this age to limit.

They lead us into discussions of the fossil layer, and theories of origins involving electromagnetic energy and all manner of other considerations, which draw us earthward and away from the Scriptures. And to what end?

To the end all Nicolaitains desire! To the establishment of a pseudo-intellectual clergy: an intelligentsia that presides over the Scriptures, and over whom no Scripture presides. They elevate their own minds and studies to be equal Ė and therefore above Ė the Scriptures themselves.

One should despise their deeds, and reject their doctrine. Rev. 2:6, 2:15

2. "Creation Science" is of the leaven of the Herodians.

The Herodians were an interesting bunch, only loosely wedded to doctrine so their expediency could get full play. They were comfortable attaching themselves to Pharisees and Sadducees alike, if it would suit their purposes.

Having reduced our warfare to the earthly sphere, advocates of this pernicious teaching place their agenda before the gatherings of Christians to - through the use of political power - require their teaching in the state schools.

And not only the state schools, but in every church, gathering unto themselves especially vulnerable young people from the college years who would like to give themselves off with varying airs of intellectualism by talking "knowledgeably" about "science". "Weighty" matters like "fossil layers" "electromagnetic energy" and the "young earth," none of which are in the context of the Scriptures.

This effort to enforce a political agenda is nothing other than the leaven of Herod, just as are the various and constant political programs propounded by earnest, persistent, and misguided believers who, if they were earthly ambassadors, would certainly be withdrawn by their nation for misfeasance of office.

This leaven advances the earthly view, generates an earthly hope, and at once defeats separation from the world and adherence to the Scriptures.

We ought to remember that it was an arrogant Herod who was eaten of worms. Acts 12:23

3. "Creation Science" slanders Biblical views.

Just as we are warned about the natural man in Romans 2:1, these co-called-scientists judge others as doing what they themselves do.

It is a common approach by them to accuse those viewing the Scriptures properly of twisting the Inspired Account to answer those who deny the Godís deity. Yet the audience of "atheists" ought not even be in view by those who teach the Word of God in truth, in order to avoid giving that which is holy to dogs!

These "Creation Science" teachers continually portray those who rightly divide the Scriptures as being unable to answer evolutionists (when in fact, the Scriptures tell us NOT to answer them).

2 Timothy 2:23 But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes.

Proverbs 26:4 Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.

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